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Sodium Ion Analyzer

Sodium Analyzer

Sodium Ion Analyzer

Products Description:

Qualtech Laboratory Technologies precision Sodium Ion Analyzer is a professional test instrument for the continuous evaluation of the sodium ion concentration. This precision Sodium Ion Analyzer is designed and engineered offering the newest microchip technology, high accuracy, reliable performance and fast response combined with a user-friendly menu navigation, easy programming features and an ergonomic design.

This Sodium Ion Analyzer is used in a wide range of different setting, e.g. in the chemical industry, in the petroleum industry, in nuclear power plants, in fossilfueled power plants and related fields.

Sodium Ion Analyzer – Features:

  • Newest Microchip Technology
  • High Accuracy & Reliable Performance
  • Fast Response Time
  • Large LCD Graphic Display presenting multiple parameters simultaneously
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation & Manual Temperature Compensation
  • Safety Features & Alarm System
  • Programmable Alarms
  • Easy Programming & User-friendly
  • Seamless PC Connectivity
  • Large Data Storage
  • Automatic Measurement Data Recording
  • Ergonomic Design

Sodium Ion Analyzer – Specifications:

Newest Microchip Technology & Large Graphic LCD Display
High Accuracy & Fast Response
Measurement Range Electronic Chipset0.00 - 9.36 pNa
0.01µg/L - 23.0g/L
-1000 - 1000mV
Measurement Range Instrument1.00 - 8.00 pNa
0.23µg/L - 2300mg/L
Accuracy±0.05 pNA or ±5µg/L at 10°C
Current Output4 - 20mA
Temperature Range0.0 - 99.9°C
Temperature Accuracy±0.5°C
Temperature Resolution0.1°C
Temperature Compensation Range0.1 - 60.0°C (Automatic or Manual)
Output Resistance800 Ohms
Calibration MethodCalibration Sample Solution
Sample Temperature Range5 - 50°C
Sample Pressure Range50 - 300 kPa
Flow Speed Range6 - 20L/h
Sample ContentParticle Size ≤5 microns; Grease or Rubber Particles not allowed
Ambient Temperature5 - 50°C
Relative Humidity ≤90% RH
Safety & Alarms Features
Programmable Alarms
Seamless PC Connectivity
Automatic Measurement Data Recording
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